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FreshPaper Reviews

“One sheet of maple-scented FRESHPAPER helped my basket of very ripe strawberries last more than a week in the fridge. A sheet tossed into a plastic bag with cilantro helped the herb last about 10 days.”

– Jane Black, The Washington Post 


“We tried it – and it works!”

– Prevention Magazine


“I tossed a sheet into a plastic bag of fresh basil almost 12 days ago and I still have basil to use!”

All Things Foodie editorial staff


"Lynne Johnson, a professional organizer in Massachusetts, has her clients store fruits and veggies with The FRESHGLOW Co. FreshPaper—five-inch square sheets treated with organic ingredients that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. Put FRESHPAPER in with lettuce or berries and they'll last two to four times longer, Johnson says."

Oprah Magazine


"I tested REALLY works!"

– TV Chef Steve Binks, featured on NBC with Matt Granite


"I have used FRESHPAPER in home, keeping my salad greens fresh. I always put some in the spinach bag to keep it fresh to the end! I am also a fresh fruit producer and I am putting FRESHPAPER in all of my fig containers as I pack them for retail sales at a major store chain. I will be able to be confident that my product will have a good shelf life and ensure consumer satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to eveyone I meet. Thanks!"

– Anne A. (posted on eartheasy)


“I have not thrown out a single carton of berries since I started using FRESHPAPER!”

Joan, Carlisle, MA​​​


“I ordered a small package to "test" the product.  We are part of a CSA and get loads of vegetables and fruit each week. The FRESHPAPER has kept everything fresh MUCH longer then we expected.  I just ordered ten packages and will order more when those run out. GREAT product!”

– Antonia, Yellow Springs, OH


"Your product is AWESOME! Your clever creation absolutely works... I bought a pack of FRESHPAPER, took it home and gave it a whirl. I love the way the lettuce stays so crisp and fresh. We were green bag customers - but NOW - it's FRESHPAPER all the way!"
Marge, Concord, MA

"Fantastic product! I bought organic strawberries 10 days ago, and the strawberries are still not showing any signs of fuzz - I can't wait to eat them tonight!"
Dara, Boston, MA

"I stuck FRESHPAPER into a bag of cherries that had already been sitting in my fridge for 5 days. Today, 18 days later, there are still 25 cherries in that bag and only 2 of them are bad. It really works!"

Monica, Cambridgeport, MA

"FRESHPAPER is amazing! I buy organic tomatoes from the farmers market, and they usually go bad after 4 days in the refrigerator -- but I piled my tomatoes on top of a sheet of FRESHPAPER on the counter, and they lasted for 10 days outside of the fridge!
Kristen, Cambridge, MA


“We usually keep [greens] in big tupperwares with [FRESHPAPER], which is this incredible miracle invention thing that keeps veggies fresh for absurdly long periods. Like, those salad greens I can never get more than a week out of? 2 weeks! I never buy these gimmicky products, but this one actually works…” blog


"Normally, the fresh raspberries and blackberries have to be used in 3-4 days because otherwise they’ll start getting moldy. Now I just pop a FRESHPAPER into them and enjoy them for a couple of weeks. That’s going to save us a lot of money over time..."

– Cathryn, "This Gives Me Hope" Blog



“Our strawberries stayed good about twice as many days with FRESHPAPER than without it.”

 – Tasting Table editorial staff


​"Harvest tested FRESHPAPER on some local blueberries we received. One container was put on a non-refrigerated shelf with a sheet of FRESHPAPER, another on the opposite end of the shelf. After three days, the difference in the rate of spoilage was significant, and after 5 days, it was amazing."

Harvest Co-op Markets

I have to tell you the product is amazing. During Hurricane Sandy we lost power for 36 hours and when it came back on and we opened the fridge our lettuce and cucumbers were just like new...AMAZING!”

– Jennifer, NYC


"We picked up a packet of FRESHPAPER at the Dupont market last Sunday, and so far we are very impressed. Normally, we cannot begin to work our way through our overly ambitious purchase of strawberries, but that is not the case this week. So far, the strawberries are still in perfect condition. The same is true for a lovely bunch of kale that we didn't get to immediately. More are to be purchased and shared with family."

– Carol, Washington, DC


“I love, love love that your product does exactly what you advertise. It's so nice NOT to throw veggies and fruit away.”

– Annette, MD


"FRESHPAPER is a wonderful new invention! I took home some FRESHPAPER, and experimented a bit on my cucumbers. I placed some cucumbers in the fridge without FRESHPAPER, and they turned into a mushy mess after 2 days, but the cucumbers with the FRESHPAPER stayed fresh and crisp and delicious for a week and a half! FRESHPAPER will save me a lot of money - I now can eat all the produce we buy, rather than half of it going bad!"
- Barbara, Watertown, MA


​​​"I used FRESHPAPER on spinach, lettuce, and cilantro -- I just dropped into the bags, and it kept everything crisp and fresh for days... I've never been able to finish a bag of spinach completely before!
- Chris, Boston, MA


"I met you at the Ag Fair and bought a pack...This paper REALLY works! My spring mix bags of lettuce go a whole lot further now, Thanks!"
- Michelle, Sudbury, MA​


"Recently purchased your product and I can't believe the results!!"
- D.S., Cambridge, MA


I am a bit of a cynic and I tend to believe only what I can prove. So when I first became aware of FRESHPAPER by The FRESHGLOW Co., I didn’t think its claims about saving produce could be true…I have to say the difference was pretty remarkable. In the photo below you can see the difference in two carrots from the same bag after 10-14 days. The comparisons with other vegetables were just as stark, and I have to say I was very impressed. Since these early tests, I have continued to use the FRESHPAPER in my produce drawers.


We have inadvertently left produce in the bins for an extended period of time and it is amazing how crisp and fresh it remained. My wife hates to waste food and is on me to use what we buy; more than once she has been surprised by how good the produce looks after what in the past would have been spoiled food.


In addition to being something I would recommend for most people as a money and food saving tool, FRESHPAPER should be considered an absolute must for those who are members of a CSA or similar program. In the summer season, there is just so much wonderful produce available and it is hard to resist not buying everything. Now with FRESHPAPER, you can buy what you want and worry less about...spoilage."

- KitchenBoy Blog

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