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Why is FRESHPAPER different from plastic green bags, plastic “apples,” and other devices that claim to keep food fresh?

FRESHPAPER is a sheet of paper infused with organic spices - no zeolite, no sodium permanganate, no charcoal, and absolutely no plastic! ​​Using FRESHPAPER is hassle-free - there are no refills or bags to wash.


FRESHPAPER is also remarkably effective, keeping produce fresh 2-4x longer due to its unique mechanism of action. FRESHPAPER’s organic ingredients inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, as well as enzymes that cause over-ripening.


Originally designed for the developing world, FRESHPAPER is low-cost, simple to use, and good for the Earth. (FRESHPAPER is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.) Every sheet helps us get FRESHPAPERr to those who need it most!

How do I use FRESHPAPER? Do I have to wrap fruits & veggies individually?

Often described as a "dryer sheet for produce," one small (5" x 5") FRESHPAPER sheet can simply be dropped into a fridge drawer, carton, bag, or container filled with produce. (You don't have to wrap items individually!) If you are storing lots of very perishable items, just toss in an extra sheet.​

How much longer will my produce last?

FRESHPAPER keeps most fruits and vegetables fresh for 2-4 times longer.​

What kinds of produce does FRESHPAPER work with?

FRESHPAPER works with most fruits & veggies - from berries to leafy greens to delicate herbs! ​

How much produce can one sheet of FreshPaper keep fresh?​​​

A single sheet of FRESHPAPER keeps an entire fridge drawer, bowl, bag or carton of produce fresh. If you are storing lots of very perishable items, simply toss in an extra sheet.


Will FRESHPAPER work in the fridge?

Yes, FRESHPAPER works both in and out of the fridge. In the fridge, toss a sheet or two into the crisper drawer, produce bags or berry cartons. In the crisper drawer, for best results, keep produce bags open. On the counter or in a fruit bowl, place FRESHPAPER directly underneath produce.


How long do FRESHPAPER sheets last?

With typical use, FRESHPAPER sheets usually last ~4 weeks or until the paper's maple-like scent starts to fade. When stored in the original packaging, FRESHPAPER sheets last for about 2 years.

Why does FRESHPAPER smell like maple?

The distinctive maple-like scent results naturally from the organic spices infused in FRESHPAPER. In addition to smelling delicious, these extracts are naturally anti-microbial. (Interesting fact: one of the active ingredients in FRESHPAPER, fenugreek, is actually used in maple syrup flavoring!)


How does FRESHPAPER work?

FRESHPAPER is infused with organic spices that inhibit bacterial & fungal growth, as well as enzymes that cause over-ripening. FRESHPAPER is a safe, remarkably effective, organic solution to spoilage.

Will FRESHPAPER save my tomatoes/cherries/strawberries that have started to spoil?

Because FRESHPAPER does not contain any harsh chemicals, it will not be able save produce that’s already begun to go bad. Just use FRESHPAPER next time to keep your fresh produce fresh! ;)


I'm looking for a unique gift idea for the chef / foodie / host in my life - any suggestions?

FRESHPAPER makes a great gift for anyone who eats. Due to popular demand, we now offer​ bundles of 10 packs for a discounted rate!

Where can I buy FRESHPAPER?

FRESHPAPER is always available through our online store: (we ship worldwide)! FRESHPAPER is also available at Whole Foods, and Safeway, as well as many wonderful independent stores across the country. Email us at to see if we are available near your zip code.

I would love to see FRESHPAPER at my favorite local store - how can I help?

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word! Let your local store manager know about FRESHPAPER, and kindly direct them to this website. Hopefully, FRESHPAPER will be available in your neighborhood soon!


I am interested in carrying your paper for our store/co-op/CSA. How can I go about this?

We're always excited to partner with folks who share our mission of "Fresh for All." Please email to request more information & include your store name and a phone number...we'd love to hear from you!


How can I help? 

​​Please help us spread the word! At The FRESHGLOW Co., we still have no funding, no advertising budget, and no PR agency... Just an army of supporters that has taken this simple idea from our local farmers market to farmers & families across the globe. Every new store in every region to which we've taken FRESHPAPER started with a single individual who shared FRESHPAPER with others.

Thank you so much for supporting our mission and helping us spread the word about FreshPaper. Please reach out to us with your ideas & suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!

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